Kathy Kirby  

Welcome to the Kathy Kirby unofficial web site, designed for all those fans spread around the world, who now have difficulty finding any information or recordings from this popular British star.

For just a few years back in the sixties, Kathy Kirby was known as the Golden Girl of British Pop, the blonde bombshell vocalist with the glossy lipstick who was equally known as the Queen of British TV. It was impossible to turn on the radio without hearing one of her hits, or switch on the television without seeing her belting out the same numbers.

Kathy had hit after hit in the charts and her own television series on British TV. She appeared a number of times on the Royal Variety Performance before Her Majesty the Queen, and represented Britain in the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 with 'I Belong'

Her stunning looks and fantastic, clear voice made her a great favourite with the British public. Today she very rarely appears much to the dismay of her many fans. 

There are still fans all over the world. Many have visited this site to discover more about her. I am happy to say that the interest has resulted in the creation of an OFFICIAL site, authourised by Kathy herself. 

Those that have become personal friends through visiting this site and contacting me, can still do so on the email address listed here, and if I can help at all I will, but please visit the official site as it has a tremendous amount of information on it.  


Graham at Kathy Kirby Appreciation Society   Kathy@itswales.freeserve.co.uk or journalist@i12.com 

The Society for ardent fans of Kathy Kirby who would like her to receive the worldwide recognition that she deserves.